Gratuitous Fangirling

I spend a lot of time thinking about (and often worrying about) the future. Little things, big things, things that might not ever happen. All fair game for my poor mind.

Lately, my parents listen to 70s music while they cook and eat dinner. They have a competition to see who can name the song, artist, and year it came out before the other. I’m constantly impressed with how good they are at this.

The other night, I casually wondered aloud, “Do you think I’ll be able to do that in 35 years with songs that came out now?”

And my dad’s response was perfect: “Sure! You’ll always remember all of those Jonas Brothers songs!”

How accurate.

Tonight, I had a song from their last album stuck in my head during my holy hour (it happens…) so I went to pull it up on Spotify to listen to on the way home, when I realized that THE JONAS BROTHERS’ FIRST ALBUM IT’S ABOUT TIME IS ON SPOTIFY NOW. 

Released August 8th, 2006, AKA NINE YEARS AND SIX DAYS AGO.
Released August 8th, 2006, AKA NINE YEARS AND SIX DAYS AGO.

Naturally I stopped and got an ice cream cone and drove around jamming to the entire album.

I was absolutely swept up in nostalgia, reliving 2006 and my entire freshman year of high school. As each song began, I couldn’t stop giggling just thinking about how many things have happened in my life in the last nine years. (Side note: It was nine freaking years ago that I started high school. Um. What?)

Here are some things I realized while re-listening to this album.

Things get better with time.

There were so many times I sat in my room and cried about various 14-year-old things while listening to this album. I only cry about 23-year-old things now, only a few of which overlap with 14-year-old things.

My dad was right.

I did remember every word to every song, even the ones I haven’t heard in 4-5 years.

Good, sincere, innocent pop music is so underrated. 

These three boys managed to capture my 14-year-old heart with some pretty cheesy songs and weird haircuts and strange dance moves. They were relatable and hilarious and just…


“Underdog” will always sound best being blasted at full volume. 

And you have to scream the lyrics at full volume. I don’t make the rules.

Some things never change.

Like my love for the Jonas Brothers. Or how good it feels to drive around at night in the summer with the windows down blaring music. Or how hearing the opening riff of “Mandy” = instant fangirling.

So much really has changed in the last nine years. In 1.5 days, I leave for Wayne to start an incredible adventure with FOCUS, and I would’ve laughed in your face if you told me at 14 that’s what I’d be doing at 23.

I’ve gained a lot of freedom, independence, friends, experiences, and more in the last nine years, but sometimes it’s nice to just feel 14 for an hour.


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