A Chance to Feel

So we’re all on the same page about how much I love crying, yes? (Hint: it’s a lot.)

When I was young, I didn’t care what others thought of my tears. I had bad separation anxiety, so I spent tons of time crying at school after my parents dropped me off. In kindergarten, I would cry so hard during all-school Mass that I had to be taken out of the church multiple times. I cried in first grade when I had to flip a card.

For a little while, as I grew up, I shut down every emotion and kept everything hidden. Crying was for weak people, and I wanted so badly to be strong, to have it all together.

Thankfully I got past that real quickly when I realized that life was hard and that feelings demand to be felt, otherwise I’d go crazy.

So here I sit, 23 years old, crying on my bed over this, that, or the other thing. Not an unusual scene around here. But today, I’m stopped in the middle of my own selfish crying in an overwhelming sense of gratitude.

I am so, so, so grateful to be alive. 

Yes, life is hard sometimes. Yes, people are imperfect and they will hurt me. I will hurt so badly.

BUT I CAN FEEL. I can feel anything and everything simply because my mother gave birth to me. What a gift life is!

I get to experience the lows, but they are only low compared to the incomparable highs – the time I watched the sunset in Spain, the time I was thrilled with my ACT score, all the times I’ve cried only from laughing so hard with the people who love me.

This week, my heart is absolutely aching upon seeing the videos of Planned Parenthood and what they’re doing with the body parts of the children they’re killing.

These poor children will never know what it’s like to watch a sunset, cry from laughing too hard, or even cry from having their heart broken by someone else. I wish so desperately that every human would be given a chance to feel both the pains and the joys of this world.

To hear these babies spoken of as “specimens” and assigned monetary value is dehumanizing beyond words, but in order to dehumanize someone, you have to admit that they are human to begin with.

I don’t believe that the problem here is abortion supporters believing that these people are indeed people, I think they’re just literally okay with killing these children and then using their body parts for some sort of gain, no matter what it is.

My heart hurts so badly for the people who perform abortions or counsel women to get them, and even for those who stand silently by while this is done. To speak so nonchalantly about the body parts of a slaughtered, innocent human being must require a hardness of heart that I cannot even fathom. I pray that their hearts may be softened and moved to compassion to support those whom they are now persecuting, to show true respect to women and men, both born and not-yet-out-of-the-womb.

This exposing of the extreme awfulness of abortion is a chance to feel for these lost lives, but we must take these feelings and put them into action, to enact change.

To be clear, it is not enough to simply put an end to the horrible practice of abortion. To be pro-life means to continue supporting and sustaining life from conception to natural death. This is a multi-faceted battle, and a battle that can only be fought with mercy, love, and understanding.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, protector of the unborn, pray for us!
Our Lady of Guadalupe, protector of the unborn, pray for us!

I pray that someday, all children are given a chance to experience the beauty of living, both the good and the bad, the highs and the lows. Women and men deserve better than this.

If you have any questions concerning my beliefs – the beliefs of the Catholic Church – on the practice of abortion (or really anything else for that matter), please feel free to reach out to me and ask me. Comment on here if you’d like, or otherwise email me or send me a Facebook message. I would be glad to have a civil conversation with you!

*I dedicate this post to the little boys whose body parts are shown in the 4th video exposing the atrocities committed by Planned Parenthood, and to their mothers and fathers, that they may experience God’s mercy and healing.*



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