Tuesday True, Good, and Beautiful #13

It’s been a few weeks! I’m assuming these might start to get a little more sporadic now that I missed a couple and obviously the world didn’t end and you all still love me. (I hope.)

Being home for the last few days has been wonderful and weird all at once, but it’s definitely nice to see my dog (and, you know, the rest of my family), walk on carpet, and have cans of diet coke available at any given moment. Praise God!

So here are some true, good, and beautiful things for you :)


We listened to it during our silent retreat at training and I haven’t been able to forget it. Josh Garrels is an incredible musician and this song is just crazy beautiful.

Favorite lyrics:

No one comes unless they’re drawn by the voice of desire that leads them along to the redemption of what went wrong by the blood that covered the innocent one. No more separation between us… So lift your voice just one more time. If there’s any hope, may it be a sign that everything was made to shine, despite what you can see.

There is so much hope, and everything does shine with God’s glory if you look closely enough.

Good: Today, I got to visit my friends teaching Totus Tuus this week at St. Patrick’s in Gretna. I went out for Mass and ended up staying for lunch and recess as well.

I am always blown away by the genuine love of children. Within seconds of one of the teachers introducing me to all the girls, two of them came up and asked if I would sit with them at lunch. They didn’t even know my name! So I sat with them and we talked about car trips and staying in hotels and St. Clair of Assisi and the Texas Rangers. At recess, I continued talking with one of these girls, and she kept asking me questions about myself as much as I was asking her about herself.

She was so innocent and sweet and kind and sincere. Lord, teach us all to be like this!

Beautiful: I often make comments about how my home church isn’t the prettiest church in the world, but…

SSM adoration

The ugliest room in the world would cease being ugly when the true presence of Jesus Christ is right in front of your eyes. Praise God for exposition the day after I returned to Nebraska!

[Also. Yeah, I took a picture during adoration. Haters gonna hate.]

I hope all is well with you and that you have had a lovely Tuesday! Please let me know if there’s any way I can be praying for you!


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