Blankety, Blankety, Blank!

I hope you’re not against a good Spongebob reference to kick off this blog post.

What I’ve learned at FOCUS NST is……………………………….

  • God is incredibly good and incredibly present, even when things are crazy
  • Things ARE crazy
  • It’s okay to feel overwhelmed and sleepy and emotional
  • It’s also okay to feel super duper excited
  • Basically feel whatever you want to feel
  • Sometimes you need to skip your usual Tuesday blog post
  • The world will not end when that happens
  • When the local Publix has m&ms on sale, buy two bags of them and eat them within three days
  • Only share said m&ms if you absolutely have to
  • Some days, you will cry through the entire rosary and scare the men around you
  • Everyone is feeling a little bit freaked out, alone, and scared
  • People are only able to help you if you let them in
  • Finding people who enjoy the same things as you is such a blessing
  • Especially when those things are things like She’s the Man, Hot Rod, and Gilmore Girls
  • Having wonderful roommates and teammates makes a huge difference in your overall state of being
  • Especially when you have a roommate like Stephanie who will drive less than a mile to Publix with you (because it’s raining, #AveLife) and buy ice cream and sit in the car and eat it and freak out about everything going on with you
  • And when you have teammates who don’t judge you too harshly for having a 20-minute-long fit of laughter
  • Don’t even try to do laundry on a Sunday evening
  • The grasshoppers look really scary, but they’re actually pretty chill
  • The mosquitoes don’t look really scary, but they’re the actual worst
  • Sometimes you step right over a snake and don’t even know it until someone else (your boss) points it out to you
  • Run away for a bit on Sunday afternoons – alone time is so necessary
  • You will get tired of literally every article of clothing you brought with you
  • There are probably thousands of ways that you need to grow as a person
  • Start with one or two of those and you’ll be on the right track
  • Silly Putty is 65% polymers (whatever that means) and 100% distracting
  • FOCUS is all about the acronyms – MPD, TNT, SRS, ELT, NST, etc. – so please let me know if I start using them in your presence and you’re as confused as I was 3 weeks ago
  • Ave Maria, Florida is straight up gorgeous
  • Once again, because it’s worth repeating, God is so good
  • Living in the company of 500 missionaries is so inspiring and I can’t believe I’m so blessed that I get to be here and do this job
Seriously. This place actually exists. These sunsets rival Nebraska's.
Seriously. This place actually exists. These sunsets rival Nebraska’s.

I hope you are all enjoying your summer as well! Please know that you are in my prayers as I finish up my time here in Florida and head back to The Good Life pretty soon!


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