Tuesday True, Good, and Beautiful #9


I have been spoiled rotten so far this “summer” here in Nebraska. I am wildly unprepared for the Florida heat and humidity. It’s going to hit me like a ton of bricks.

It’s been such a great week though. I’ve had a nice balance of seeing friends and family who are in town, as well as preparing for these next 5 weeks of FOCUS training and beyond.

And since it’s Tuesday…

True: This Sunday was Pentecost, the feast on which we pray my favorite sequence in the entire Church. The full prayer can be found here. Unfortunately, my parish doesn’t pray/sing it during Mass, but I always pray through it anyway. It’s a prayer asking the Holy Spirit to come upon us, just as it did on the apostles 50 days after Easter.

My favorite line is this: “Bend the stubborn heart and will, melt the frozen, warm the chill, guide the steps that go astray.”

The Holy Spirit is capable of doing all of these things – teaching us how to love better, helping us allow God into our lives in a more complete way, softening our hearts that have been hardened by sin and the sins of others against us, and leading us back towards our Heavenly Father when we’ve started to wander. Literally ALL we have to do is ask!

I wish I had taken this picture. This is the Holy Spirit window in St. Peter's Basilica, and it's so so so beautiful.
I wish I had taken this picture. This is the Holy Spirit window in St. Peter’s Basilica, and it’s so so so beautiful.

Good: It seems like a good time to bring up my Totus Tuus friends. I have taught Totus Tuus for the last two summers in the archdiocese of Omaha. It feels SUPER weird to not be out at their training which is going on right now, learning and praying and growing in friendship with my teammates and friends, but it’s so beautiful to know that the new teachers are there experiencing what I have the last two summers.

I am so grateful for all the people I got to work with through this program, both the other teachers as well as all the parishioners and students that I met at all 13 parishes I got to serve at over the two summers.

I’ve gotten to see and talk to a lot of these other teachers/teammates recently, and I’m so grateful for each one of them. God has given me so many graces through all of these people that I’m still unpacking all of them. He is too good.

The 2013 Omaha Totus Tuus teachers.
The 2013 Omaha Totus Tuus teachers.
The 2014 Omaha Totus Tuus teachers
The 2014 Omaha Totus Tuus teachers.

Beautiful: Today, my sister was home for a lot of the day. We ate too much food and watched pieces of a lot of tv shows (it’s really hard to decide on one to watch). My friend Hayley stopped by for a few minutes and made this comment to me: “It’s so beautiful to hear the two of you giggling together!”

It made my heart super happy to have a sister who will laugh at ridiculous things with me and that we can just spend time together knowing that we understand each other possibly more than anyone else in the world. I hope that the love we have for each other can show other people that it is possible to LOVE and get along with your siblings even when you don’t necessarily agree on everything.

I hope to be writing as regularly as possible as training begins in Florida, but I really have no idea what these next few months will hold, so thank you for coming along on the ride with me!

Please be praying for my friends and I as we travel down to Ave Maria to prepare for this new journey. Let me know if there’s any specific way I can pray for you as well!


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