Just For A Moment

EVERYTHING is happening. I was incredibly naive and thought that things would slow down at least a little after graduation. Boy was I wrong!

There are so many people to see and things to prepare before leaving for Florida (IN SIX DAYS) and items to shop for and crafts to do because the only thing I’ve actually shopped for is more craft supplies.

But what’s life if you don’t add a little beauty to it?

I’ve been listening to “Let’s Be Still” by The Head and The Heart on repeat lately. It’s being added to my list of songs that I associate with graduations that will inevitably make me break down and cry every once in a while.

If you want a partial glance at more of that list, it includes the following songs:

  • Good Riddance by Green Day – 8th grade graduation
  • Graduation by Vitamin C – also 8th grade
  • Here’s To The Nights by Eve 6
  • Time For Me To Fly by The Jonas Brothers
  • Jeannette by Chase Coy – TEARS FOR YEARS

Laugh at me all you want. I never claimed to not be basic.

But really. Please listen to this song.

The world’s not forgiving of everyone’s fears. The days turn into months, the months turn into years. So just for a moment, let’s be still.

Woof. So in honor of all of the feelings this song has made me feel, today I painted some of the lyrics on a canvas! I’ve been wanting to paint something like this for a while but I couldn’t decide on what words to use. This post was my inspiration for making this painting imperfect. I would love to try a bigger version. I can see a lot more of these happening in the future. Here’s the finished product!

This only took me one episode of Gilmore Girls. So quick and pretty!
This only took me one episode of Gilmore Girls. So quick and pretty!

As crazy as my emotions seem to me sometimes, I appreciate them when it comes to times like these. My sentimentality often allows me to slow down and soak in a moment, focusing on and memorizing details, not letting big or small things pass me by unnoticed.

The Carthusian religious order has this as a motto: “The cross is steady while the world turns.”

Latin is cool. Carthusians are cool. The Catholic Church is really cool.
Latin is cool. Carthusians are cool. The Catholic Church is really cool.

Even as everything whirls on around me, Jesus’s sacrifice for me is all that really matters. If I’m able to remain in that love, like I wrote about last week, I’ll be able to be still and notice the details of His love for me, even when those details seem painful, like saying goodbye or having to put in a lot of work in the next few days. All things work together for the glory of the Kingdom!

God is good and His love is worth seeking. I promise.



3 thoughts on “Just For A Moment

    1. Thank you Samantha! Also, I got to meet your sister Julia the other day! My dad had me come in and speak to her class about going to high school and college. She’s super sweet! Hope your summer is off to a great start!


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