Tuesday True, Good, and Beautiful #7

I’ve been really absent around here lately, and you have my sincere apologies for that. My real life has been SUPER crazy, but now that I’ve graduated (what???), it should calm down a bit.

I have LOTS of ideas for posts/things to write about in the near future, so do not fear!

But for a brief weekly update…

True: So the real scripture passage that has been rocking my world lately warrants its own post. Sorry not sorry. BUT. Yesterday, I was able to spend some time getting to know Ashlyn, a FOCUS missionary who was in town for a wedding and needed a ride to Mass and the airport. We got lunch and talked about her first year as a missionary/how I was feeling about getting ready to start my first year. Praise God for this beautiful new friend!

One of the themes of conversation was the fact that God can use our weaknesses and our wounds to bring about good. In fact, He does it ALL the time, because we are so weak and so wounded. I’ve seen this happen time after time in my own life.

Even with my involvement with FOCUS in college, I know how much of a learning curve I have going into this job. I will be at a brand new place with brand new people who need me in brand new ways. I will fall and fail and hurt, but God will use that in amazing and beautiful ways and I cannot wait to see it happen.

Good: I say this a lot, but I have really incredible friends. Last night, I had dinner with almost all of my friends from my freshman/sophomore years dorm. My friends Rachel and Jude had us all over to their apartment, which they do regularly, cooking for all 24 people who came. They are some of the most selfless, giving people I know. The two of them are moving out to Connecticut in a few weeks and I will miss them intensely (unless, of course, FOCUS wants to send me to a New England school…)!

This is all 24 of us crammed into their apartment. I didn't tell anyone to smile, so faces are interesting :)
This is all 24 of us crammed into their apartment. I didn’t tell anyone to smile, so faces are interesting :)

It was just like back in our freshman year when all of us would flock to the CPN dining hall at the same time, push about 18 tables together, and just be generally super obnoxious to anyone trying to enjoy a calm meal. I miss it so much :)

Beautiful: So this weekend, I had the pleasure of being a personal attendant to my friend Katherine for her wedding to her now husband Jacob! I’ve known them both since freshman year of college, and Katherine was my Bible study leader/FOCUS mentor for a few years. It was so wonderful to be able to celebrate with them in this way.

This was the first time I got to be in a wedding party in any way, and it was a great experience! I didn’t get many pictures from the day, but I did snap a quick picture of my beautiful corsage as I was running around getting a few things done before the ceremony.

Blurry but beautiful flowers!
Blurry but beautiful flowers!

The day was such a beautiful celebration and I am so excited that these friends of mine are finally married!

What a great whirlwind of a few weeks its been! I’m ready to calm down briefly and then head down to the craziness that is FOCUS New Staff Training in just a few weeks!

I am praying for you all!


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