Tuesday True, Good, and Beautiful: Easter Edition

It’s already Tuesday again?! How the time flies!

It is currently:
April. 33 days until graduation. 31 days until my last final. 5 days until the dedication Mass of our new church. Time to panic.

But before panicking, I should reflect on the things that are leading me to God this week.

True: CHRIST IS RISEN, ALLELUIA! I celebrated with 500 of my closest friends at the Newman Center [read: Mass in the student union FOR THE LAST TIME], got to participate in the choir for the Mass, and watched about 25 people enter the Catholic Church. It was amazing.

In the Easter readings this year, St. Paul was the one who caught my attention yet again. In his letter to the Romans, he states that “you too must think of yourselves as being dead to sin and living for God in Christ Jesus,” Romans 6:11. I know I have a tendency to go right back to whatever sin I was trying to erase during Lent, but I want to think of myself as being DEAD to that sin. To never return to it.

I’m also currently planning my own funeral for a class I’m taking (more on that later this week), and this reading, one of the Easter readings, is also a reading that many people have read at their funerals. It is only through our death that we can enter eternal life with Christ. Can’t have Easter without the Cross! Crazy cool.

Good: There are too many good people in my life. It’s hard to pick a moment from this past week to talk about. But I got to spend a lot of time with my sister Sarah on Easter, and I’m so grateful for that. Since Sarah and I look so similar and laugh at the same things, it’s hard for us to convince people how truly different we are. But it’s fun to try.

Sarah poked the bruise on my arm all through Mass, pointed out all the cute babies that I didn’t see, hung out with me at our grandma’s house, and then came and met a lot of my friends at our FOCUS missionaries’ Feaster party.

I can’t express how much I love having a sister who gets me and understands where I’m coming from. We’ve shared so many experiences and jokes in the last 21 years, and getting to show others how beautiful she is is a huge joy for me.

Here’s a traditional picture of us making angry faces:

Not pictured: the laughter we erupted in immediately after this was captured.
Breezy but not TOO breezy.   Not pictured: the laughter we erupted in immediately after this was captured. 

And here’s one of us as precious little children looking happy:


I love my sissy bear tons :)

Beautiful: It’s finally starting to feel spring-like, so I feel like it’s simple to find beauty. Like fat birds. They are precious and adorable and you cannot tell me otherwise. I’ve been seeing the fattest robins around here lately, and I can’t help but smile every time I see one. There’s one in particular that lives near our house, and I tried to take a picture of him, but he flew away and I may or may not have yelled “FINE, JERK!” at it in broad daylight outside our house…. #notsorry. So here’s a different, not-my-picture fat bird for you!

HOW DO YOU EVEN FLY, SIR?! photo credit: bobzeller.wordpress.com
photo credit: bobzeller.wordpress.com

I hope you have a lovely week filled with Easter joy, loving family, and lots of fat birds!

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P.P.S. I was planning on this being a less-wordy post, and that didn’t happen at all. Maybe next week. Thanks for sticking with me :)


2 thoughts on “Tuesday True, Good, and Beautiful: Easter Edition

  1. I love the St. Paul reading you referred to in this blog…one of my favorites!! It was the last reading I ever read to my dad. And then you added the fat little robin which always make me think of grandpa! Nice job Carol!!


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