Let’s See How Far We’ve Come

Yes, that’s a reference to a Matchbox 20 song. Blame my roommates for deciding to get it stuck in my head RIGHT as I decide I’m going to start a blog.

But as I think about it, it’s not a bad idea for a first blog post. As a 22 year old about to finish college, I have already worn many hats, so to say. I’ve been a daughter, a sister, a flame (grade school), a wildcat (high school), a husker (college), a friend, a follower, a leader, a traveler, a Catholic, a roommate, a teammate, a group member, a group leader, a teacher, a student, and probably many other things.

Adding blog-writer to that list could be a cool thing to do, no?

I’ve been wrestling with this idea for months now, going as far as writing out that first post and then never publishing it out of fear. Fear that it’s all been said before. Fear that my perspective doesn’t matter. Fear that even if it does matter, no one will care. Fear that I actually don’t have a perspective. But I want to push past those lies. God gave me a voice and He gave me a computer and He gave me some life experiences, and I want to share them!

So come along on this journey with me and together we’ll see how it all plays out. I’ll do my best to keep things fresh and exciting, and even if no one reads these posts, they’ll be a way to see how far I’ve come from March 25th, 2015.

As I begin this journey on the solemnity of annunciation, I place this little blog lovingly in Mary’s hands. May this work only serve to glorify God and to edify His people.

“And nothing would again be casual or small, but everything with Light invested..." Fr. John Duffy C.S.s.R
“And nothing would again be casual or small, but everything with Light invested…” Fr. John Duffy C.S.s.R

3 thoughts on “Let’s See How Far We’ve Come

  1. I am eager to read your blog Carol, keep it going for sure…it is always good to look back at where you have been while keeping an eye on where you are going! Love you! -m


  2. I will peek in to see what has gone through your head, Carol. Mom explained what this blog means and how I can read it. Good effort on your part. Dad


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